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At The Green Bucket, we focus our cleaning services by providing all of our clients with Green Cleaning Techniques and Solutions. We use Healthecare approved, Green Seal Certified solutions where cleaning and prevention of cross-contamination are critical.
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A great first impression of a facility its usually the door for a positive or negative response from our brain, and at times can have a lasting impression, especially if it is of a negative response. Most favorable impressions are based on how clean everything looks, whereas poor impressions are based on how dirty a place is. This is highly evident in medical/dental facilities, as well as hospitals.


The Green Bucket understands the importance of these specialty services and the reason to providing these specialty healthcare training to our cleaners that we refer to as Certified Environmental Hygienist. Our Certified Environmental Hygienist goes through a high priority infection prevention certification course, and considered to be your “First Line of Defense” against infectious diseases. We killing germs by using Hospital-Grade Disinfectants. More and more consumers of healthcare services are demanding improved disinfecting and sanitizing procedures in hospitals, medical, dental and all healthcare facilities.


We specialize in cleaning for:


  • Medical office buildings
  • Dental office
  • Outpatient facilities


At The Green Bucket, our focus is Cleaning for Health and to provide your facility with best practices, Green Cleaning Techniques and Equipment, and Green Seal Certified Solutions.  We like to say we create a culture of safety. By creating a cleaner, healthier work environment and providing you with a tailored cleaning program to meet your specific needs, is our goal. We are confident we can deliver results and increase your customer satisfaction approval. We are so confident we can deliver results and increase customer satisfaction, we guarantee it!





Banks/Financial institution


We know that in the competitive and fast-paced banking industry that having an impeccably maintained facility makes a difference to your valued clients. Whether you need a crew for daily maintenance such as dusting and mopping or for monthly deep cleaning, you can rely on us.


Each of our employees is required to pass an extensive background check before joining our team. They are put through a rigorous training about safety and security of your facility. Our financial institution team works in teams of two members or more, depending on the facility. Our team arrive to every job outfitted wearing a security badge with photo identification and uniform. Before entering your facility, we will send a message alerting you of our arrival. Upon entering, we perform a safety check and will send a status update with comments.


We are familiar with trash removal procedures in the banking industry and as well as sensitive/confidential documents. At the same time, we will take your advice on the specifics of your facility. At the end of our duties, we send a notification that we are leaving the premises and status update. All the communication is being monitored by our supervisors on the field at the same time. The safety or your bank and our employees we take seriously.

Church – Religious Facilities


A church is a gathering place in a community to worship, fellowship, and offering of prayers. This is a place where people feel safe, therefore a place of safety. At The Green Bucket our team members wear uniforms to be easily recognizable. Whether your religious facility is small or big, we can handle the job. We understand that your church keeps an open-door policy where members of the community come and go each day, so it's crucial that the church always looks its best.


We are creating a culture of safety and we are the first line of defense against infectious diseases that are living in your facility, and targeting your parishioners. We use ONLY Healthcare Approved, Green Seal Certified solutions and tools as much as possible. Our solutions, tools and products exceed the requirements set by OSHA. Our team takes pride in our approach from cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing, so that your facility looks and feels fantastic every day of the week. By doing this, it allows you to provide a healthier environment to your community.


The Green Bucket will tailor a cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing program that fits your church’s schedule as well as that of your community. Your church is God’s house and we are dedicated to keeping it beautiful. Let us worry about the cleanliness of your facility, so that you can worry about the fulfillment of His mission.


Our services include the following areas:


  • Church
  • Chapel
  • Ministry Building
  • Office Building
  • Meeting/Conference rooms


And any other areas you need us to take care of. Special services such as: Stained Glass Window Cleaning and Treatment Religious Statues, Fixture, Cleaning


Tell us what schedule works better for you! It's important to us to meet your needs and exceed your expectations to gain your trust. We are flexible with your schedule for special events. Those events in the life of your community where parishioners:


  • Exchange Vows
  • Reconfirm their marriage
  • Welcome a newborn
  • Celebrate Holy Days


We are so confident we can deliver results and increase satisfaction, we guarantee it! Contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a visit by one of highly trained professional.
Contact us at your earliest convenience to schedule a visit by one of highly trained professional.

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