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At The Green Bucket, we use up-to-date communication technology to help us respond quickly to needs in an effective and cost efficient way.
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Communication Management


What makes

The Green Bucket different?

At The Green Bucket, we use up-to-date communication technology to help us establish a two-way communication channel with our clients and employees to help us respond to needs in an effective and cost-efficient way.  Swept helps us streamline the communication process to save us and our client’s valuable time.


By adding this tool along with our business intelligence cleaning software, allow us to organize better, automatize and inspect our operations.  By doing this, we save a tremendous amount of time, paperwork, and energy.

The Swept tool gives us the flexibility to be mobile and still communicate online with our office and customers, while our CRM provides the flexibility to create new bids on the go and provide you with a professional, customized cleaning proposal exactly to your specifications within minutes. We can go from contract proposal to assigning the job in no time and starting the welcoming and onboarding process shortly after.


Our customer relationship management feature is a virtual one-stop shop for securely storing, organizing and viewing contact data and relevant linked documents including bids, work tickets, notes, invoices, appointments and to do’s. For us, a big part of winning cleaning contracts is to have easy access to review critical building data when we need it. Being able to review a customer latest notes from recent conversations or meetings, can quickly get us up-to-date and prepared for our next scheduled customer service visit. 

In the same way, we keep constant communication with our cleaning crews to update them on recent events about their service locations. By doing this, it has helped us strength our relationship with our clients by keeping them happy and increase capacity to our business.

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