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I am not one to leave a review, for the most part. However, I was blown away by the Green Bucket, and could not resist leaving a review.

The Green Bucket has been servicing our office for the past four years, and we are very happy with their promptness, attention to detail, and their positive attitude to go above and beyond for their clients.  We never have any issues with things not being cleaned properly, or lack of attention to detail.  I especially appreciate the fact that The Green Bucket does not use harsh chemicals, and only environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.  We have an employee who is sensitive to some chemicals, and we have found that the cleaning supplies used by The Green Bucket has no effect on him.

I would definitely recommend The Green Bucket to anyone looking for a friendly, detailed, affordable cleaning company located in Orlando.  The owner Edgard is a pleasure to work with, and it is always nice supporting our local business owners.


Hazel C.

Orlando, FL